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Fundamental Benchmarks List v6 Compiled by Ian Richardson

Columns: (Column Meanings) Units:

Fundamental Benchmarks Auxiliary Stations Tide Gauges Others
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NameTLAGrid RefT:UKOSRefLast Visit1GL2GL3GLType of MarkNearest FBM/Aux
Aberdeen North FBM Aux 1TP0563H2NJ9409 PDBerntsenABN
Abergavenny FBM Aux 1TP0615H2SO3214 DBerntsenABG
Arbirlot FBM Aux 1TP0570H2NO5940 BerntsenARB
Arrochar FBM Aux 1TP0566H2NN3104 DBerntsenARR
Arundel FBM Aux 1TP0655H2TQ0009 DBerntsenARU
Banchory FBM Aux 1TP0571H1NO5999 DBerntsenBAN
Basingstoke FBM Aux 1TP0632H2SU6451 BerntsenBAS
Beer FBM Aux 1TP0643H2SY2189 PDBerntsenBEE
Belford FBM Aux 1TP0588H2NU0935 PDBerntsenBEL
Boscastle FBM Aux 1TP0640H1SX1492 BerntsenBOS
Bowling FBM Aux 1TP0574H1NS4573 DBerntsenBOW
Braemar FBM Aux 1TP0569H1NO1592 DBerntsenBMR
Brampton Abbots FBM Aux 1TP0616H2SO6026 PDBerntsenBAB
Brecon FBM Aux 1TP0614H2SO0529 DBerntsenBRE
Bridge of Orchy FBM Aux 1TP0565H2NN2939 PBerntsenBOR
Bromsgrove FBM Aux 1TP0619H2SO9869 PDBerntsenBRO
Calbourne FBM Aux 1TP0646H2SZ4286 PDBerntsenCAL
Campden FBM Aux 1TP0620H1SP1437 DBerntsenCAM
Cardigan FBM Aux 1TP0610H1SN2145 DBerntsenCDG
Carmarthen FBM Aux 1TP0611H2SN4323 PDBerntsenCRM
Castor FBM Aux 1TP0652H1TL1398 DBerntsenCAS
Clare FBM Aux 1TP0653H2TL7444 DBerntsenCLA
Contin FBM Aux 1TP0558H2NH4655 PBerntsenCNT
Cowbridge FBM Aux 1TP0627H2SS9675 PDBerntsenCOW
Crianlarich FBM Aux 1TP0567H2NN4125 PDBerntsenCRI
Croydon FBM Aux 1TP0656H2TQ3260 DBerntsenCRY
Dalry FBM Aux 1TP0590H2NX6280 PDBerntsenDLR
Daventry FBM Aux 1TP0623H1SP5763 DBerntsenDVE
Dorchester FBM Aux 1TP0644H1SY6989 BerntsenDRC
Dornie FBM Aux 1TP0556H2NG8825 PBerntsenDRN
Dulverton FBM Aux 1TP0626H2SS9025 PDBerntsenDUL
Dunbar West FBM Aux 1TP0586H2NT6678 PDBerntsenDBW
Dunlop FBM Aux 1TP0573H2NS4149 PDBerntsenDUN
Dyserth FBM Aux 1TP0604H2SJ0680 PDBerntsenDYS
Edinburgh FBM Aux 1TP0583H2NT2873 PBoltEDI
Elgin FBM Aux 1TP0561H2NJ1763 PBerntsenELG
Flamborough FBM Aux 1TP0648H2TA2270 PBerntsenFLA
Flax Bourton FBM Aux 1TP0630H1ST5172 BerntsenFLB
Forcett FBM Aux 1TP0595H2NZ1712 PDBerntsenFOR
Freshwater FBM Aux 1TP0645H1SZ3485 BerntsenFRE
Glen Moriston FBM Aux 1TP0557H2NH4216 BerntsenGLM
Gourock FBM Aux 1TP0572H2NS2377 DBerntsenGOU
Grampound FBM Aux 1TP0639H2SW9149 PBerntsenGRA
Great Linford FBM Aux 1TP0624H1SP8442 PDBerntsenGRL
Greetland FBM Aux 1TP0600H2SE0621 PDBerntsenGRE
Hatfield Peverel FBM Aux 1TP0654H1TL7912 DBerntsenHAP
Haverfordwest FBM Aux 1TP0609H1SM9715 DBerntsenHAV
Hawick FBM Aux 1TP0584H2NT4812 PDBerntsenHAW
Helmsdale FBM Aux 1TP0555H2ND0315 DBerntsenHEL
Hemel Hempstead FBM Aux 1TP0651H2TL0609 DBerntsenHEH
Hexham FBM Aux 1TP0594H1NY9667 DBerntsenHEX
Hibaldstow FBM Aux 1TP0602H1SE9401 BerntsenHIB
Immingham FBM Aux 1TP0647H2TA1715 BerntsenIMM
Kelso FBM Aux 1TP0587H1NT7431 DBerntsenKEL
Kinghorn FBM Aux 1TP0582H2NT2788 DBoltKHO
Kingsbridge FBM Aux 1TP0642H2SX7443 PBerntsenKBR
Lampeter FBM Aux 1TP0612H1SN5753 PBerntsenLAM
Lancaster FBM Aux 1TP0598H1SD4961 DBerntsenLAN
Linlithgow FBM Aux 1TP0579H2NS9674 PDBerntsenLIN
Llandovery FBM Aux 1TP0613H2SN7732 PDBerntsenLLA
Loch Leven FBM Aux 1TP0564H2NN0560 PBerntsenLLE
Madron FBM Aux 1TP0635H2SW4432 PBerntsenMAD
Matlock FBM Aux 1TP0607H1SK3158 DBerntsenMAT
Melbourne FBM Aux 1TP0608H2SK3624 PDBerntsenMEL
Mickleby FBM Aux 1TP0596H1NZ7913 PDBerntsenMIC
Milngavie FBM Aux 1TP0576H1NS5677 BerntsenMLN
Moffat FBM Aux 1TP0580H2NT0608 DBerntsenMOF
Navenby FBM Aux 1TP0650H1TF0158 DBerntsenNAV
Necropolis FBM Aux 1TP0577H2NS6065 DBoltNEC
North Petherton FBM Aux 1TP0628H2ST2833 PBerntsenNPE
Nuneaton FBM Aux 1TP0622H1SP3394 DBerntsenNUN
Oswestry FBM Aux 1TP0606H2SJ2724 PDBerntsenOSW
Partick FBM Aux 1TP0575H2NS5367 PDBerntsenPAR
Patrington FBM Aux 1TP0649H2TA3122 PBerntsenPAT
Paul FBM Aux 1TP0636H2SW4527 BerntsenPAU
Penhow FBM Aux 1TP0629H1ST4391 BerntsenPNH
Penrith FBM Aux 1TP0593H1NY4828 DBerntsenPNR
Portsoy FBM Aux 1TP0562H2NJ5765 PBerntsenPTS
Rosyth FBM Aux 1TP0581H1NT1082 DBerntsenRSY
Sancreed FBM Aux 1TP0634H2SW4129 PBerntsenSNC
Sapperton FBM Aux 1TP0618H1SO9402 BerntsenSAP
Scorguie FBM Aux 1TP0559H2NH6446 PBerntsenSCO
Sharpness FBM Aux 1TP0617H2SO6702 PDBerntsenSHA
Skipton FBM Aux 1TP0599H1SE0052 DBerntsenSKI
Snodland FBM Aux 1TP0657H1TQ6863 BoltSNO
South Cave FBM Aux 1TP0601H1SE9132 DBoltSCV
Stirling FBM Aux 1TP0578H1NS8396 DBerntsenSTI
Stranraer FBM Aux 1TP0589H2NX0555 PDBerntsenSTR
Tain FBM Aux 1TP0560H2NH7484 PBerntsenTAI
Newlyn (Tolcarne) FBM Aux 1TP0637H2SW4629 BoltTOL
Torrington FBM Aux 1TP0625H2SS4819 PDBerntsenTOR
Trawsfynydd FBM Aux 1TP0603H2SH7036 PDBerntsenTRW
Troon FBM Aux 1TP0638H1SW6537 BerntsenTRO
Tummel Bridge FBM Aux 1TP0568H2NN7659 PBerntsenTUM
Ulverston FBM Aux 1TP0597H2SD2879 PDBerntsenULV
Warwick FBM Aux 1TP0621H2SP2864 PDBerntsenWAR
Wasdale FBM Aux 1TP0591H1NY1104 DBerntsenWAS
Wetheral FBM Aux 1TP0592H1NY4553 DBerntsenWRL
Whittingehame FBM Aux 1TP0585H2NT5772 PDBerntsenWHT
Whitton Green South FBM Aux 1TP0659H3TM5191 BerntsenWGS
Winchester FBM Aux 1TP0631H1SU4929 BerntsenWIN
Windsor castle FBM Aux 1TP0633H1SU9777 BerntsenWCA
Wrexham FBM Aux 1TP0605H2SJ2552 DBerntsenWRE
Wye FBM Aux 1TP0658H2TR0646 BerntsenWYE
Yelverton FBM Aux 1TP0641H2SX5166 PBerntsenYEL

This list is believed to be as complete as possible, it has been compiled from the many diagrams available of the various levellings, as well as current websites.

Please let us know if you make use of this data, we'ed be interested to know.

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