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Tide Gauges List v6 Compiled by Ian Richardson

Columns: (Column Meanings) Units:

Fundamental Benchmarks Auxiliary Stations Tide Gauges Others
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NameTLAGrid RefGR SourceOSRef1GL2GL3GLPOLType of MarkNearest FBM/Aux2GL Height (ft ODN)
AberdeenNJ 9524 0590POLn/a TGhtml live rlr docs TG
Aberdeen IINJ 9558 0581POLn/a rlr docs TG
AppledoreSS 459 310Estn/a TGTGTGTOR
AvonmouthST 5047 7934POLn/a html live rlr docs TG
AxmouthSY 255 911Estn/a TGTGBEE
Bangor (N. Ireland)NW 6340 3620POLn/a html rlr docs TG
BarmouthSH 6199 1544POLn/a html rlr docs TG
Barrow (Halfway Shoal)SD 2150 6037POLn/a docs TG
Barrow (Ramsden Dock)SD 2159 6593POLn/a docs TG
Barrow (Roa Island)SD 2374 6404POLn/a docs TG
BatterseaTQ 292 777Estn/a TGTGCRY
Belfast33435W 37496NPOLn/a rlr docs TG
Belfast IINW 4713 2980POLn/a rlr docs TG
BerwickNU 011 524Estn/a TGTGTGMOR
Birkenhead (Alfred Dock)SJ 3250 8972POLn/a TGTGrlr docs TGWRE
BlacktoftSE 8595 2154POLn/a docs TG
BlythNZ 3305 8037POLn/a docs TG
BournemouthSZ 0894 9045POLn/a html live rlr docs TG
BuckieNJ 4320 6603POLn/a TGdocs TG
CardiffST 192 724Estn/a TGTG
CardiganSN 177 458Estn/a TGTGTGCRM
CharltonTQ 409 792PLAn/a TG
ChathamTQ 7747 6986POLn/a docs TG
ConwySH 7787 7783POLn/a docs TG
CorytonTQ 756 818PLAn/a TG
CromerTG 2198 4253POLn/a html live rlr docs TG
DeptfordTQ 376 780Estn/a TGTGCRY
DevonportSX 4471 5433POLn/a TGrlr docs TG
DouglasSC 3900 7549POLn/a docs TG
DoverTR 3265 4025POLn/a TGTGTGhtml live rlr docs TGALF
DunbarDBTNT 6786 7934POLn/a PriPridocs TGDBW12.84
DundeeNO 4051 2906POLn/a docs TG
ErithTQ 511 786PLAn/a TG
FalmouthSW 823 328Estn/a TGTGTGGRA
Felixstowe (1980)FL2TM 3003 3409POLn/a html live rlr docs TG
Felixstowe (FB 2093)FLTTM 2826 3197Estn/a PriPriTGIPS11.499
FishguardSM 9534 3918POLn/a TGhtml live rlr docs TG
Fishguard IISM 9722 2835POLn/a rlr docs TG
FleetwoodSD 3444 4904POLn/a TGTGdocs TGSKI
GravesendTQ 648 745PLAn/a TG
Great GrimsbyTA 289 116Estn/a TGTGTGHIB
Guernsey - St Peter PortXD 6264 5008POLn/a TG
HartlepoolNZ 522 329Estn/a TGTGWOL
HarwichTM 2572 3304POLn/a TGTGTGdocs TGIPS
Herne BayTR 173 685PLAn/a TG
HeyshamSD 4030 6012POLn/a TGlive rlr docs TG
Hilbre IslandSJ 1917 8807POLn/a TGdocs TG
HinkleyST 2104 4634POLn/a live rlr docs TG
HolyheadHOLSH 2553 8287POLn/a TGTGPrilive rlr docs TGWRE
HullTA 0894 2759POLn/a TGTGdocs TGSCV
IlfracombeSS 5263 4791POLn/a TGhtml live rlr docs TG
ImminghamTA 1989 1630POLn/a TGlive rlr docs TG
InvergordonNH 7110 6832POLn/a docs TG
Jersey - RozelXD 9767 2586POLn/a TG
Jersey - St Helier IXD 9159 2031POLn/a TG
Jersey - St Helier IIXD 9159 2031POLn/a html TG
KinlochbervieNC 2206 5613POLn/a live rlr docs TG
LarneNW 5723 5713POLn/a docs TG
LeithNT 2730 7731POLn/a html live rlr docs TG
Leith IINT 2637 7805POLn/a rlr docs TG
LerwickHU 4783 4137POLn/a html rlr docs gloss TG
Liverpool (Gladstone Dock)SJ 3249 9525POLn/a html live rlr docs TG
Liverpool (Georges Pier)SJ 3375 9019Estn/a rlr docs TGLVF
Liverpool (Princes Pier)SJ 3368 9037Estn/a TGLVF
Liverpool (Victoria Dock)LVTSJ 3334 9163Estn/a TGPriPriTGLVF
LlandudnoSH 7857 8320POLn/a html live rlr docs TG
LondonTQ 292 777Estn/a TGTG
London BridgeTQ 4470 7995POLn/a TGdocs TGCRY
LondonderryNV 6016 8020POLn/a docs TG
LowestoftTM 5477 9272POLn/a TGTGTGhtml live rlr docs TGIPS
Lyme CobbSY 340 915Estn/a TGTGTGBEE
MargateTR 3658 7226POLn/a docs TG
MilfordMLFSM 9164 0445POLn/a TGPrirlr docs TGCRM
Milford Haven (Hakin}SM 8918 0541POLn/a live rlr docs TG
MillportNS 1757 5449POLn/a TGlive rlr docs TG
Moray FirthNH 8033 5818POLn/a TG
Moray Firth (Whiteness Head)NH 8057 5841POLn/a html docs TG
MumblesSS 6318 8753POLn/a html live rlr docs TG
Nab TowerSZ 7430 8575POLn/a docs TG
New BrightonSJ 306 948Estn/a TGTGWRE
NewhavenTQ 4511 0005POLn/a html live rlr docs TG
NewlynNLTSW 4676 2855POLn/a PriPrihtml live rlr docs gloss TGTOL15.588
NewportST 3191 8392POLn/a live rlr docs TG
North ShieldsNZ 3592 6823POLn/a TGlive rlr docs TG
North WoolwichTM 2507 2187POLn/a docs TG
Pembroke DocksSM 960 040Estn/a TGTGTGTOL
PenzanceSW 478 301Estn/a TGTG
PlymouthSX 470 536Estn/a TGTGlive TGYEL
Port Ellen (Islay)NR 3633 4510POLn/a html rlr docs TG
Port Erin (IoM)SC 1904 6905POLn/a html rlr docs TG
PortisheadST 477 776Estn/a TGTGNPE
PortlandPTLSY 6940 7419POLn/a TGPridocs TGDRC
PortpatrickNW 9976 5420POLH1NW9954 PDTGhtml rlr docs TG
PortrushNW 0317 9946POLn/a html docs TG
PortsmouthSU 6269 0053POLH1SU6200 TGTGTGlive rlr docs TGFAR
PrestonSD 506 293Estn/a TGTG
RamsgateTR 3809 6490POLn/a TGTGdocs TGCRY
RichmondTQ 170 751PLAn/a TG
RosythNT 1000 8171POLn/a docs TG
ScarboroughTA 0534 8872POLn/a TGTGTGdocs TGBUL
ScrabsterND 100 708Estn/a TGTG
SeaforthSJ 325 968Estn/a TGTGLVF
SheernessTQ 9073 7542POLn/a TGTGTGhtml live rlr docs TGCRY
ShieldsNZ 3592 6823Estn/a TGTGTGHEX
Shivering SandsTR 130 820PLAn/a TG
ShorehamTQ 2333 0522POLn/a TGTGdocs TGARU
SillothNY 104 536Estn/a TGTGTGWRL
SilvertownTQ 419 799PLAn/a TG
Southampton (Empress Dock)SOESU 4279 0997n/a TGPriTGSOU
Southampton (Town Quay)SOTSU 4346 1135POLn/a Pridocs TGSOU
SouthendTQ 8898 8303POLn/a TGrlr docs TG
St. Mary'sSV 9021 1090POLn/a html rlr docs TG
StornowayNB 4228 3264POLn/a TGlive rlr docs gloss TG
Sullom VoeHU 3861 7421POLn/a docs TG
SunderlandNZ 410 584Estn/a TGTGTGWOL
SwanseaSS 6683 9204POLn/a TGdocs TG
TilburyTQ 6397 7511POLn/a TGdocs TG
TobermoryNM 5079 5529POLH2NM5055 TGhtml rlr docs TG
TorquaySX 915 631Estn/a TGTGTGBRI
Tower PierTQ 4470 7995POLn/a TGdocs TG
TynemouthNZ 3846 6928POLn/a TGdocs TGHEX
UllapoolNH 1288 9391POLn/a TGrlr docs TG
Walton-on-the-NazeTM 2601 2119POLn/a TGrlr docs TG
WestminsterTQ 303 788PLAn/a TG
Weston-Super-MareST 396 624Estn/a TGTGTGFLB
WeymouthSY 6837 7884POLn/a TGTGhtml live rlr docs TGDRC
WhitbyNZ 8986 1141POLn/a html live rlr docs TG
WickND 3667 5081POLn/a TGhtml live rlr docs TG
Wick RocksST 2104 4634Estn/a TGTGNPE
WorkingtonNX 9896 2953POLn/a html live rlr docs TG

This list is believed to be as complete as possible, it has been compiled from the many diagrams available of the various levellings, as well as current websites.

Please let us know if you make use of this data, we'ed be interested to know.

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