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Re-levelling of Greater London (1931-34).

Abstracts of bench marks (values are given on the Newlyn datum and are published in book form because the large-scale plans will not be revised and republished for some time)

To see the coverage of each volume, click here [146k Image] or higher quality [244k] These are copies of a progress diagram prepared during the preparation of the Re-levelling. (see also the Abstract which includes another map)
These images are made available here purely for research purposes, and should not be duplicated or redistributed. These images may still be covered by their original copyright.

FB numberVolumeDescriptionHeight (ND)County, Sheet and Plan of Ordnance MapGrid RefSubmitter
S0639XVSE face of Town Hall, NW side of Wellington Street59.022London X-3TQ 4345 7876plot by IanR
S0640XVE face of Public Library, S side of High Street, Plumstead42.082London X-4TQ 4564 7843plot by IanR
S0646XVE face of Pillar, entrance to Royal Observatory Greenwich154.698London X-4TQ 3886 7734plot by IanR
L10XVS face of Porch Holy Trinity Church, jnt. Blackheath Hill & Maind????? Hill79.595London X-4TQ 3816 7673plot by IanR
L9XVSE angle of Baptist Church, W side of Lewisham Rd60.511London X-4TQ 380 764plot by IanR
S0996XINE aob Stratford Market Station20.525Essex LXXXVI-1TQ 3876 8401plot by IanR
S0995XINW aob jtn. Broadway and Tramway Avenue22.694Essex LXXXVI-1TQ 3898 8434plot by IanR
S0958XISE aob, jtn of Romford Rd & Hampton rd33.64Essex LXXXVI-2TQ 4164 8532plot by IanR
S0957XISE fob, jtn Romford Rd + Carlton Rd34.633Essex LXXXVI-2TQ 4190 8546plot by IanR
S0945XISE fob Barking Railway Station44.38Essex LXXXVI-2TQ 4442 8431plot by IanR
S0946XISW fob Barking Post Office, Ripple Rd29.501Essex LXXXVI-2TQ 4437 8415plot by IanR
S0842XIN fob Colour Works, SE side of road15.771Essex LXXXVI-7TQ 4444 8295plot by IanR
S0843XINW aob, Opp jtn of Gascoigne rd,7.437Essex LXXXVI-8TQ 4467 8308plot by IanR
S0838XISchool, SW side of Burnham Street, Canning Town9.277Essex LXXXVI-9TQ 3946 8137plot by IanR
S0839XISE angle of Public Hall, NW side of Barking Rd7.108Essex LXXXVI-9TQ 3964 8179plot by IanR
S0840XIW face of Parsonage House, N side of Beckon RdEssex LXXXVI-9TQ 4076 8180plot by IanR
S0841XISE angle of Laundry, East Ham Isolation Hospital11.673Essex LXXXVI-10TQ 418 823plot by IanR
S0844XISE aob, N side of Rd, at jtn of Roads (near Statton's Farm or Gores Bridge)16.861Essex LXXXVII-5TQ 4844 8356plot by IanR
S0845XINE ao Chequers PH. S side of Ripple Rd (near Statton's Farm or Gores Bridge)18.91Essex LXXXVII-5TQ 4905 8355plot by IanR
S0860IXSW face of Trinity Church, Finchley Road183.101London IV-4TQ 2636 8470plot by IanR
S0861IXNE oa Public Baths, Finchley Road179.003London IV-4TQ 2638 8454plot by IanR
S0858IX50' NW of SE angle of St John the Baptists church. St Marylebone183.528London IV-8TQ 2716 8290plot by IanR
S0859IX30'E of SW angle of Carriage Shed, Great Central Railway (Tichfield Rd??)106.625London IV-8TQ 2757 8235plot by IanR
S0930IXNE angle of St Marys Church (Hammersmith Rd???)20.19London IV-15TQ 2405 7870plot by IanR
S0931IXN face of Royal Geographical Society building. Kensington Gore67.826London IV-16TQ 2677 7964plot by IanR
S0932IXbuilding, N side of Knightsbridge, 100'E of Charles Street48.688London IV-16TQ 2750 7971plot by IanR
S0874VIISW aob, jtn of Grove Rd & Walpole Rd195.33Essex LXXVIII-2TQ 3963 9045plot by IanR
S0873VIIBuilding, NW side of Forest Rd, 520'NE of Beacontree Avenue173.391Essex LXXVIII-5TQ 3916 9029plot by IanR
S0544VINE ao Holy Trinity Church, High Rd55.49Middlesex XII-7TQ 3373 8950plot by IanR
S0865VSE face of School, Finchley282.871Middlesex XI-4TQ 2508 9062plot by IanR
S0866VSW aob, jtn of Regeals Park Rd & Station Approach, Finchley289.617Middlesex XI-4TQ 2527 9074plot by IanR
S0854VSE aob at Sewage Rarm, SW side of Watford Way149.731Middlesex XI-11TQ 2382 8773plot by IanR
S0855VNE fob at Isolation Hospital SW side of Watford WayMiddlesex XI-11TQ 2393 8759plot by IanR
S1022VS face of Railway Shed, NW side of North Circular Road107.798Middlesex XI-14TQ 2114 8534plot by IanR
S1023VN face of house 'Cheviot' jtn of Neasden Lane + North Circ Rd141.842Middlesex XI-14TQ 2115 8606plot by IanR
S0856VSW aob, jtn of Watford Way & Finchley Rd278.501Middlesex XI-15TQ 2511 8605plot by IanR
S0857VW face of building, Bank, E side of Fortune Green Rd, jtn Finchley Rd282.681Middlesex XI-15TQ 2517 8576plot by IanR
L6--M(?) ang of Museum Victoria Park Square (High Street to Bethnel Green Grns)----TQ 3504 8294plot by IanR
S0963--S.E. face of Lodge, Royal Hospital, S.E. Side of West Hill (Wandsworth)133.021--TQ 2411 7402plot by IanR
S0927VIIISouth Face of St. James Church Gunnersbury34.935Middlesex XXI-1TQ 1951 7845plot by IanR
S0928VIIIS.W. Angle of building, N side of High Road, 170'E of Brandenburgh Road30.373Middlesex XXI-1TQ 2003 7854plot by IanR
S0965VIIIS.E. face of building, railway station, Clapham Junction58.406London VIII-12TQ 2709 7536plot by IanR
S0966VIIIS.E. angle of building, N.W. side of St John's Hill, 50' S.W. of Prested Road37.252London VIII-12TQ 2721 7542plot by IanR
S0970XIVN face of building S side of Upr Kennington Lane (240'SE of W Margin of Plan)27.918London IX-2TQ 3024 7805plot by IanR
S0969XIVS.E. face of building, N.E. side of rad, Vauxhall Cross16.596London IX-2TQ 3027 7795plot by IanR
S1010XIVS.E. face of building, junction of Clapham Road and Kennington Road15.751London IX-2TQ 3117 7764plot by IanR
S1009XIVS.E. angle of building, N.E. side of Harleyford Rd., 200'N.W. of Clapham Rd15.934London IX-2TQ 3064 7796plot by IanR
S0967XIVN.E. angle of building (Old Mission Hall) S.E. side of Wandsworth Road22.243London IX-5TQ 2931 7617plot by IanR
S0968XIVN.E. angle of building, S.e side of Wandsworth Rd., 20'S.W. od Albion Road22.769London IX-5TQ 2950 7631plot by IanR
S0540XIVN.E face of Goldsmith's Collage, S.W. side of Lewisham High Road69.891London IX-5TQ 3656 7688plot by IanR
XIVS.W. Battlement of bridge over railway, Lewisham High Road76.626London IX-5TQ 3736 7614plot by IanR
XIVS.W. angle of St. Johns Church, Lewisham75.624London IX-5TQ 3735 7623plot by IanR
XIVS.W. face of St. Lukes Church100.393London IX-9TQ 2818 7419plot by IanR
S1008XIVN.W angle of building, next Baptist Church, S.W side of Arodene Road90.715London IX-9TQ 3077 7445plot by IanR
S1007XIVBuilding N.E. side if Waterworks Rd, 210' NW of Brixton Hill106.016London IX-9TQ 3055 7430plot by IanR
S0961XVIIS.E angle of Robin Hood Hotel, N.W. side of road50.761Surrey VII-9TQ 2107 7209plot by IanR
S0962XVIIEast face of St. John the Baptist's Church, Kingston Vale46.971Surrey VII-9TQ 2113 7194plot by IanR
XVII4' S of N'W. angle of school, N.E. side of Camp View, Wimbledon176.051Surrey VII-10TQ 2300 7123plot by IanR
XVIIN face of building, Beach Holme, South side of Somerset Road175.982Surrey VII-10TQ 2361 7204plot by IanR
2761XVIIS.E angle of School, junction of Ewell Road and Broomfield Road80.039?TQ 1890 6647plot by IanR
S1006XVIIIon S face of building, N.E. side of grounds of St Leonards Church173.545London XIII-1TQ 3001 7174plot by IanR
S1002XVIIIN.E angle of building, W. side of Thornton Road, 150' N of Peall Road118.216Surrey XVI-5TQ 3080 6722plot by IanR
S1001XVIIIS. face of School, N side of Boston Road, Thornton Heath123.257Surrey XVI-5TQ 3099 6713plot by IanR
S0543XEast face of St. Columba's Church, W side of Kingsland Road65.137London V7TQ 3347 8345plot by IanR
S0998XS.W angle of building, N.E. side of Cottage Grove, at junt. with Mile End Rd41.593London V-8TQ 3652 8259plot by IanR
S0997XS.E angle of building, Bow Road Station38.766London V-8TQ 3723 8286plot by IanR
L3XN.W face of All Souls Church, Langham Place91.661London V-9TQ 2893 8156John Davis
L2Xbuilding, N.E side of Cleaveland Street, 120' S.E of Howland Street92.415London V-9TQ 2927 8181plot by IanR
L1X12' N of S.E. angle of British Museum, Bloomsbury86.901London V-10TQ 3015 8168plot by IanR
S0549XEast face of Municipal Offices, High Holborn77.545London V-10TQ 3038 8145plot by IanR
S0541XN.W angle of entrance to St. Pauls Cathedral56.715London V-10TQ 3204 8117plot by IanR
S0834XS.E angle of St. Botolphs Church, Aldgate High Street60.739London V-11TQ 3359 8119plot by IanR
S0835XN.W angle on building, junction of Leman Streer and Braham Street47.749London V-11TQ 3396 8128plot by IanR
L5XNorth Face of London Hospital43.432London V-11TQ 3469 8175plot by IanR
L4XS.E angle of building, Port of London Authority, Savage Gardens50.008London V-11TQ 3350 8078Mike Scott
S0836XS.E angle of St. Matthews Church, Commercial Road32.112London V-12TQ 3625 8117plot by IanR
S0837XN.E angle of St. Anne's Church22.073London V-12TQ 3678 8105plot by IanR
S0972XS. face of building, 10'W of entrance gate, New Scotland Yard21.115London V-14TQ 3029 7978plot by IanR
S0971XS. face of building, junction of Bridge Street and Victoria Embankment24.595London V-14TQ 3029 7967plot by IanR
S1012XN.E face of building, junction of Waterloo Road and Tower Street13.186London V-14TQ 3143 7960plot by IanR
S1011Xbuilding, S. side of Westminster Bridge Road, 80'W of Lambeth Road14.579London V-14TQ 3155 7940plot by IanR
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